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Discover Explore real-time projects with customizable filters and search options for precise results

Followings Discover real-time insights by monitoring the followings of over 4,000 Crypto Twitter profiles, helping you spot trends and identify emerging opportunities.

Project Alphagate's project pages provide a thorough overview, encompassing Twitter details, category, key followers, social links, and alerts. The analytics section offers growth data and note-taking capabilities, while the Latest Followers section aids in monitoring key profiles connected to promising projects.


Each profile boasts a personalized page where you can track their recent follows, categorize them with tags, and include them on your watchlist to get alerts about their new following activity.

Trending The Trending feature offers insights into current Twitter trends and project growth based on key followers and other metrics, with available timeframes of 1d, 7d, 15d, and 30d, helping users spot emerging projects and key profile interests.

Feed The Feed page in Alphagate offers real-time account change alerts, live tweets from watched projects, recent user-added notes, and the ability to search for specific information, providing a comprehensive view of current events and relevant information.

Watchlist Stay in the know with Alphagate's Watchlist feature, where you can effortlessly add and track your chosen projects and key profiles. Enjoy real-time follower growth monitoring, sorting options, and customizable notification alerts to keep you informed.

Calendar Effortlessly track and create project events, such as launches and airdrops, in the Alphagate Calendar, with easy-to-use event creation and organization features.

Telegram Bot Seamlessly connect your Telegram account to Alphagate for easy access to Discover, Followings, and private chat features, with the added convenience of receiving notifications and utilizing commands for project and account insights

Chat Alphagate's chat feature fosters organized discussions, providing dedicated chat rooms for each project, ensuring clear communication, and facilitating knowledge sharing among users.

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