Welcome to the Discover page, where you can explore a curated selection of projects as they are captured in real-time. By default, projects are presented in descending order, with the newest entries appearing first. The page is designed to automatically refresh to keep you up to date.


  • Date Picker: Customize your search by selecting specific dates or date ranges (3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days) to view projects from different timeframes. Combine these date ranges with the "Sort by Key Followers" filter to quickly identify the best accounts within your selected timeframe.

By choosing "7 days" in the date picker and sorting by key followers, you can swiftly pinpoint top-quality projects within a week. Refine your search by applying a max followers filter.

  • Sort: Choose between "Created" to see the newest created Twitter accounts or "Key Followers" to identify accounts with significant amount of key followings. Combine this filter with the Date Picker for more precise results.

  • Exclude: Exclude NFT-related projects or Memecoins from your search by toggling these options. Filters will reset when you refresh the page

  • Unfiltered Results: The Unfiltered Results toggle-bar enables you to switch to raw results, where you may encounter a broader range of profiles, including humans and potentially irrelevant accounts. We recommend using this feature when none of our admins are online to ensure you don't miss out on projects that didn't initially meet our filters. Rest assured, any relevant projects will be manually added once we're back online.

The search bar provides two distinct search options:

  • Projects: When set to "Projects," you can search for specific project names or keywords related to projects of interest. As you type, the page will refresh and display matching projects.

  • Bio: Switch to "Bio" to search for keywords within project bios. Our database currently includes over 40,000 projects and continues to grow, making it easier for you to find precisely what you're looking for.

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