Telegram Bot

You can start using our Telegram bot by connecting your Telegram in the Alphagate account settings.

(We only request to see your Telegram ID so we can authenticate you)

After you added your telegram in our website navigate to this bot and click "Verify Auth". If you have a valid subscription the bot will give you access to 3 groups:

  • Discover Discover but in Telegram.

  • Followings: Followings but in Telegram.

  • Chat: Private chat for Alphagate subscribers.

By default you will be receiving notifications for all the Projects or Key Profiles in your Watchlist from this Bot (@alphatelegrambot)

At the time of writing we have 2 available commands with more to come.

/project + username gives you a summary of how many Key Profiles follow the project, when it was created, how many total followers it has, when we found it, Chain, Tag, Links, Twitter Bio and some of the first people who followed it (We only display a full list on our website)

/alerts + username gives you a summary of all the account changes on that specific account, if they have a username change or added a website then removed it, it will be shown there.

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