The Trending feature provides insights into current Twitter trends and token signals.


The initial section is "Projects." By default, projects here are sorted based on the growth of key followers within a selected timeframe. Users can choose from the following timeframes: 1d, 7d, 15d, and 30d. Additional statistics displayed include Tweet growth, the number of Twitter Lists the project has been added to, and Followers growth.

Tip: Regularly checking the 1d and 7d timeframes can help you spot emerging projects or discern the interests of key profiles. Adjusting the maximum number of followers to a number below the default will assist you in discovering trending projects that have a smaller following.


Similarly, for projects for which we have a stored Contract Address (CA), we monitor token charts to detect market activity and identify potential trading opportunities. Tokens are sorted by "Change," and the available timeframes are m5, h1, h6, and h24, corresponding to 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 24 hours, respectively. Basic stats for each token, such as Change (%), Liquidity ($), Volume ($), and Market Cap ($), are also presented.

Tip: Monitor current activity to identify potential trading opportunities.

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