The "Followings" section is the cornerstone of Alphagate, as the majority of our information is sourced from here.

A key distinction between Followings and Discover is that within the Followings section, projects may appear multiple times if they are followed by key profiles, whereas in the Discover section, projects are displayed only once.


As you may already be aware, we monitor approximately 4,000 Crypto Twitter (CT) profiles and adding more each day. By analyzing their followings, we identify projects, conduct in-depth analyses, and generate insights to provide users with a competitive edge in the market.

For more details on a particular project, simply click on the project's name. A popup modal will appear, presenting additional information about the project.

Tip: To discover the most followed projects today or over a longer timeframe, refer to the Trending section!

You can refine the displayed followings by entering a Key Profile (KP) name or by selecting a specific date using the filters at the top.

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