Since the inception of Alphagate, our vision has been to create an all-in-one crypto Alpha platform. While our focus is on discovering alpha, we equally prioritize community engagement. Our aim is to equip users with tools that foster collaboration, allowing them to share information, knowledge, and any valuable findings that can benefit others. This is why, in addition to project notes, we introduced the chat feature.


The chat component is located on the right side of the platform and can be expanded. The unique aspect of our chat is that each project has its own dedicated chat room. This ensures that discussions remain organized and streamlined, unlike in platforms like Discord where information can get buried amidst a flurry of messages, necessitating users to filter relevant content.

Every Alphagate subscriber is automatically added to the "all" group chat, which is prominently displayed at the top of the chat header, marked by the Alphagate logo. When you visit a specific project, a new chat group for that project appears. Here, you can view past discussions, pose questions, and engage in further dialogue.

By default, when you navigate away from a project page, its associated chat group disappears, and you exit the chat. However, if you wish to remain connected to a project's chat, you can pin it. Simply click on the pin icon next to the project icon. Once pinned, the chat remains accessible, and you'll receive notifications for new messages in that group.

Tip: Within chat messages, typing @project_name generates a clickable link that directs users to the mentioned project. This feature streamlines discussions, guiding them to the relevant project's chat.

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