You can add projects that you prefer to your personal watchlist simply by clicking the "heart" icon found on either the Discover page or the individual Project page.

By adding a project to your watchlist you will be monitoring their follower growth in real time and receive notifications of their Tweets and account updates (e.g if they add a website to their bio).

You can sort projects in your watchlist with the following filters:

  • Twitter Followers

  • Followers Growth

  • Key Profiles Growth

  • Key Profiles

By default we display projects from newest to oldest added.

Using the preferences button, you can customize alerts for specific Tags and Chains. For instance, if you wish to be notified about each new "DeFi" category project we identify, just add 'DeFi' to your preferences. We'll notify you of any new discoveries on both Alphagate's website and Telegram Bot. You can select numerous chains and categories to monitor.

Refer to Key Profiles to find out what this button does!

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